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The Kitchen is Certainly

the right place to organize

a Team Building!

The kitchen aggregates, breaks barriers, makes complicity situations connected to the achievement of commons goals. But above all the kitchen stimulates smell and taste’s senses.So, kitchen amuses, the format we have create allows us to have very heterogeneous groups of persons. Involves the participants engaging them in hot and cold dishes’ preparation, but also in the lounge’s mounting and in the knowledge of the wine’s deepening thanks the sommelier’s presence.

It is a transversal instrument could be dedicated to groups to 20 until 500 people. From a practical point of view, every process is studying to work in maximum security, without flames but with the equipments electrical’s utilization and the use of mobile kitchen specifically designed. These features makes it a flexible instrument, achievable in every locations.With the current media impact, we propose you a really actual team building, able to ensure the greatest satisfaction with a return cost-benefit absolutely respectful and targeted.

Sailing boat

a place to organize

a Team Building in Kitchen!

passion and fun immersed in the wind and the sea

A boat every eight people, the same galley for everyone already on board, leaves for a regatta, during the regatta 2 or 3 people cook on board, recipes to be made are the same for everyone

judge a professional chef on arrival, to the gastronomic score will be added the score for regatta racing, there will be a winner, good fun