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I have the duty to warn you that the pages of this site contain really ‘strong’ material

It is recommended to use it to people who:

They are intrigued by the existence of ethical cooking
They are aware that food is a vital means of communication
They are convinced that it is not possible to taste a good dish
without the accompaniment of a good glass
They are related to traditions and distrust the alternative to ‘all costs’
I am firmly convinced that the environment deserves respect
They know the stars are not always in the sky
They know that breaking down is not always synonymous with perpetrated violence

And now the choice is for you, dear gourmet friends …
If you accept the risk of entering, we will tell you what we believe …

‘nutrirsi con gioia fa si che il cervello produca endorfina e quindi positività e sorrisi’

Luca Legnani, Founder and Owner Papillon dal 1990, cose dell’ altro secolo…
(captured by Alfredo Sabbatini, gallery from ‘Tribute to Italian Style)